set new global values

nameint--global variable to bet set
valuefloatanynew value for the variable


plset changes global values. The following table lists the names, default value and description of the global values:
globaldefaultdescription \b
ANGLE0plotting direction in degrees relative to the x-axis for symbols and texts. Changing the direction of the x-axis thus also changes the direction for plotting symbols.
CAPSTYLECapRoundset the linecapping style. Choices are CapNotLast (X only), CapButt, CapRound and CapProjecting.
CROSSFALSEif TRUE, axes will cross in (XCROSS,YCROSS) (in user units, see below), otherwise axes will cross in (xmin,ymin) (see plaxes).
DASHUNIT1unit in line_style definitions. If set to 0.1, then plot(...,...,1111) plot 0.1 mm down, 0.1 mm up, 0.1 mm down, 0.1 mm up, etcetera.
HEIGHT2set the symbol height in mm.
JOINSTYLEJoinRoundset linejoining style. Choices are JoinMiter, JoinBevel and JoinRound.
LEVENTSFALSEin X, if TRUE, list events on standard output
LINESKIP2distance between lines in plformat in units of symbol height
OPAQUETEXTFALSEif TRUE, the background will be cleared before plotting text
PENDIA0.1set the pen diameter. For pen plotters PENDIA should be set to the physical pen diameter, for PostScript printers a value of 0 mm sets the linewidth to the minimum displayable linewidth. In X, a value of ≤ the pixel size draw lines with a width equal to the pixel size. This is usually much faster than larger widths
PLOTMODEGXcopyset the plotting mode. Can be GXcopy (the default and only possibility for PS) or GXxor (the default for X). Effective only for X-windows.
PRINTFALSEif TRUE, plmess will print its message to stdout in addition to its normal behaviour
RECTFILLFALSEif TRUE, rectangles will be filled with the current fill color
RECTSTROKETRUEIf TRUE, outlines of rectangles are drawn.
XANGLE0x-axis direction in degrees relative to initial x-direction.
YANGLE90y-axis direction in degrees relative to initial x-direction.
XCROSS0x-position in user units where y-axis crosses the x-axis. Effective only if CROSS!=0
YCROSS0y-position in user units where x-axis crosses the y-axis. Effective only if CROSS!=0
XINFALSEif TRUE, scale marks and texts are plotted below the x-axis, if zero, they are plotted above the x-axis
YINFALSEif TRUE, scale marks and texts are plotted to the left of the y-axis, if zero, they are plotted to the right of the y-axis
XGRIDFALSEif TRUE, gridlines are plotted through number bearing scale marks of the x-axis
YGRIDFALSEsimilarly for the y-axis
XLOGFALSEif TRUE, an x-axis with logarithmic divisions will be plotted and the coordinate system will be defined logarithmically in the x-direction.
YLOGFALSEsimilarly for the y-axis
XSKIP0if nonzero, numbers are placed along the x-axis every value scale marks; if zero, numbers are placed automatically.
YSKIP0similarly for the y-axis
XMARK0if nonzero, scale marks are placed every value user units along the x-axis. If zero, scale marks are placed automatically.
YMARK0similarly for the y-axis
XSQUARFALSEif TRUE, numbers are plotted perpendicularly to the x-axis, if zero, they are placed parallel to the x-axis.
YSQUARTRUEsimilarly for the y-axis


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