move pen to new 3-D position in user units

x,y,zfloatuunew pen position
linetypeint--see plot


plot3 moves the pen to (x,y,z) in user units. The format of the line produced (if any) is determined by the linetype parameter:
plot with the pen down, drawing a solid line with the current pen diameter (see plset)
plot with the pen up, so nothing is plotted, the pen is only moved
plot a dashed line, alternately 2 dash units DOWN and 2 dash units UP
other value is used as a format to create a dashed line; this number is interpreted as a 4-digit number, each digit representing the number of dash units1 by which the pen is alternatingly going up and down. Alternatively, a leading 1 may be added to the 4-digit number, resulting in the dash unit to be set to 0.1 mm temporarily. The lengths over which the pen went up and down is remembered between successive calls of plot3 or any other routine producing dashed lines, thus allowing building up a dashed line from many small sections.

1 by default, a dash unit is 1 millimeter, but this may changed with plset

See also

plotm3, plotr3, plotrm3


plinit PS plot3 A4 100 100 "" ""
plscale3 0 0 0 50 50 50 100 100 100 
pleye 100 70 70 50 50 50 
plotm3 0 0 10 UP plformat 0 0 Z
plotm3 0 10 0 UP plformat 0 0 Y
plotm3 10 0 0 UP plformat 0 0 X
plblock 0 0 0 50 50 50 
plset PENDIA 1
plot3 0 0 0 UP plot3 50 50 50 DOWN #3D-diagonal through origin
plot3 0 50 0 DOWN #2D-diagonal in y=50 plane
plot3 50 0 0 DOWN #2D-diagonal in z=0 plane