plot a simple pie diagram

valuesfloat*anyrelative sizes of the segments
nintnumber of segments to be plotted
labelschar**array of 16-character strings, for labelling the segments
rfloatuupie radius
x,yfloatuuposition of the center of the pie
toptextchar*text to be plotted on top of the pie
topfacfloatenlargement factor for the top text symbol size
bottextchar*text to be plotted under the pie
botfacfloatenlargement factor for the bottom text symbol size


plpie plots a pie showing the relative contributions of values in values to their total. The segments are labeled with string of up to 16 characters stored in labels and two texts of variable size are placed over and under the pie. Usage in a simplot script needs a special treatment for the segment labels: these are not read like other arrays, but exactly n strings must be placed between the arguments n and r.


plinit PS plpie A4 0 0 ZCMI "" 
n=3 plrdx n 123 234 454 
plset HEIGHT 3
plpie n
      Hardware Software Services
      100 100
      "1997 Forecast" 2
      "Total 94005\nBudget 80000" 1.5
plframe 5 5