plot polyline

x,yfloat*uupositions of points to be plotted
nint--number of points
labelchar*--string to be centered around each point
linetypeint--see plot


plpline plots the datapoints in x and y, by marking them with the centered string label. As Simplot centers strings in vertical direction assuming that at least one fullsized character such as capital X is present, lower case characters are normally not suitable for use in label strings. Also, asymmetric characters would look like not nicely centered. One should therefore use characters like X, O, or characters from the ZapfDingbats font.


plinit PS plpline A4 50 50 H ZD
plaxes 0 0 100 150 100 50 "xx##xx" "" "" 
plset HEIGHT 5
n=4 plrdxy n 10 10 40 80 60 60 80 10
plpline n @#6 DOWN plmvorg 0 20
plpline n @#7 UP   plmvorg 0 20
plpline n @#8 DASH plmvorg 0 20
plpline n @P DASH
plframe 5 3


See also

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