change color

red,green,bluefloat--rgb components (0..1)


plcolor changes the color for subsequent plotting operations. The parameters give the red, green and blue fraction, such that black is represented by 0,0,0 and white by 1,1,1. For many colors, macros have been predefined, thus permitting the replacement of the three parameters with one predefined constant. Thus white may also be set with plcolor(White) and black with plcolor(Black). The following table shows the predefined colors; a red printed color indicates that 1, 2, 3 or 4 may be appended, where 1 is equivalent to nothing appended, and 2, 3 and 4 represent darker colors (100, 93, 80 and 55% respectively).
AliceBlue AntiqueWhite Aquamarine Azure
Beige BisqueBlackBlanchedAlmond
BlueBlueViolet Brown Burlywood
CadetBlue Chartreuse Chocolate Coral
CornflowerBlue Cornsilk Cyan DarkGoldenrod
DarkGreenDarkKhaki DarkOliveGreen DarkOrange
DarkOrchidDarkSalmon DarkSeaGreenDarkSlateBlue
DarkSlateGrayDarkTurquoiseDarkViolet DeepPink
DeepSkyBlueDimGray DodgerBlue Firebrick
Gold Goldenrod Gray Green
GreenYellow Honeydew HotPink IndianRed
Ivory Khaki Lavender LavenderBlush
LawnGreen LemonChiffon LightBlueLightCoral
LightCyan LightGoldenrodLightGoldenrodYellowLightGray
LightPink LightSalmonLightSeaGreen LightSkyBlue
LightSlateBlueLightSlateGray LightSteelBlue LightYellow
LimeGreenLinen Magenta Maroon
MediumAquamarineMediumBlue MediumOrchid MediumPurple
MediumVioletRedMidnightBlueMintCream MistyRose
Moccasin NavajoWhiteNavyNavyBlue
OldLace OliveDrab Orange OrangeRed
OrchidPaleGoldenrod PaleGreen PaleTurquoise
PaleVioletRedPapayaWhip PeachPuffPeru
Pink PlumPowderBlue Purple
Red RosyBrown RoyalBlueSaddleBrown
SalmonSandyBrown SeaGreen Seashell
Sienna SkyBlue SlateBlue SlateGray
Snow SpringGreen SteelBlue Tan
Thistle Tomato Turquoise VioletRed
Violet WheatWhiteSmokeWhite


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