Unix utilities

gem Ruby gem
bash Bash or ELF
ruby Ruby script
perl Perl script
doc documentation
tex TeX source

These scripts are mostly typical unix utilities:

bash backup doc backup files, full or partial
bash clzip doc remove common files in two zip archives from the first
bash cols doc distribute words over columns
bash contmgr doc generate contact lists for Google, iPad, Fritz!Box, your hand bag
bash fixfile doc convert encoding to UTF-8 and line endings to LF
bash gap doc report gaps, inversions, and repeats in numerical columns
bash gendoc doc Generate HTML or PDF documentation for scripts
ruby match_parens doc find mismatches of parentheses, braces, (angle) brackets, in texts
ruby ods2latex doc Convert OpenDocument Spreadsheet to LaTeX tables
ruby odslist doc List the contents of an OpenDocument Spreadsheet
bash paths doc list the current PATH and MANPATH clearly, coloring doubles
bash pdfcat doc concatenate pdf's
bash renamefotos doc rename all image/movie files in current dir
bash reorder doc reorder columns in a file
bash scriptinfo doc Generate HTML or PDF documentation for scripts
perl summarize doc calculate totals and subtotals
ruby swap doc swap two files or directories
bash text2pdf doc Convert text to PDF
ruby translate doc translate words or fragments
bash wdbashfunctions doc my Bash extra's for coloring, help, installation
ruby words doc list, and optionally count, words in a list of files