Curriculum Vitae

Wybo Humphrey DEKKER (1941) portrait
Deilsedijk 60
NL 4158 CH Deil
The Netherlands
Phone: (31)630333955

Utrecht University, Organic chemistry ♦phospholipid synthesis
Leiden University, Physical chemistry (minor subject)
♦phospholipid chromatography
TNO, Institute for Organic Chemistry. Dissertation:
♦Synthesis of some aryl carbamates, N-hydroxycarbamates and carbazates. Anticholinesterase and insecticidal activity

TNO, Institute for Organic Chemistry.
♦Synthetic development of carbamate insecticides. ♦study of structure-activity relationships using the Hammett-relation and regression analysis
TNO, Prins Maurits Laboratory. Head section molecular spectroscopy.
♦structural analysis and detection of chemical warfare agents ♦computerization of four spectrometers ♦development of a Raman microscope ♦development of a spectroscopic data system for NATO ♦software development for spectroscopic data handling ♦development of a graphical software package (SIMPLOT), currently in use in a dozen laboratories ♦development of a new method for FT-IR multicomponent analysis of gases ♦theoretical calculations and spectrometric data collection for the prediction of Raman-LIDAR detection limits for chemical warfare agents ♦software development for GC data handling ♦chemometric analysis of environmental GC data
TNO, Institute for Organic Chemistry. Head section organic structure and elemental analysis.
♦NMR, IR, UV and mass spectrometry, micro elemental analysis ♦setup of a new 400 MHz NMR facility ♦development of hard- and software for treatment and archival of large amounts of NMR experimental data ♦setup of a computer network ♦setup of a facility for the detection of fraud in wine production (SNIF NMR) ♦development of a sample registration system with special reference to structural data (5000 samples/year) ♦development of a chemometric method for the classification of wines using NMR data ♦development of software for decoding Wiswesser Line Notations ♦development of software for handling chemical structures and the prediction of NMR chemical shifts on the basis of Wiswesser Line Notations
Ran my own company, Servalys, (service in analysis), applying all the above experience for other companies, large and small.
Changed company name to Dekker Documenten. Offering software services only.

Dutch fluently
English, French, German fluently, more or less
Algol-60, Fortran lost experience since the eighties
C, Perl, Ruby, Bourne shell, Bash fluently
playing piano, flute