Miscellaneous scripts

gem Ruby gem
bash Bash or ELF
ruby Ruby script
perl Perl script
doc documentation
tex TeX source
C anacal doc find chemical composition from elemental analysis results)
ruby apecue doc convert ape/flac audio to ogg/mp3 tracks
ruby bigchars doc print big characters, one per page
ruby copy doc copy from scanner to pdf with interactive printing or to image file(s)
ruby cvcolor doc convert from color name or rgb to color name, hsv, rgb, and cmyk
ruby cvged doc convert (and re-indent) gedcom file making linked notes inline
ruby fotoweb doc In a picture directory, create a picture gallery
ruby ldif2vcard doc convert Thunderbird ldif to vcard for Evolution
bash v doc edit file(s) with vim, (or gvim, emacs) - with extras
bash wdbashfunctions doc View and (selectively) Print PDF and PostScript