bigchars print big characters, one per page
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ruby script, version=1.03


bigchars [options] [string]


print this help and exit
-H, --help
show full documentation and exit
-V, --version
print version and exit
-f, --font=NAME
font used for printing the characters;
default: Calibri
-s, --size=POINTSIZE
size in points; default: 500
-o, --out=FILENAME
the filename for PDF output;
the default is bigchars.pdf, the extension is optional.


bigchars creates a PDF file containing one large character on each page for each character in string. The default is to print all ASCII symbols (33-126) in 500 point Calibri. The default font is Calibri, for other fonts, scan your system for .ttf and .otf files and use those, with or without extension.


You need luatex to run this program


Wybo Dekker


Released under the GNU General Public License