odslist List the contents of an OpenDocument Spreadsheet
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ruby script, version=1.06


words [options] files


    --sheets=LIST  List the sheets in the comma separated |LIST|.
   By default, all sheets are listed.    The list may contain sheet numbers (counting from 1 up)    or sheet names; if the list contains numbers only, all values    are considered to be numbers; otherwise, all are seen as names.
-c, --caption=STR set caption to STR.
-l, --label=STR
set label to STR.
-f, --format=STR output format, one of:
csv tabs tabular tabularx tabulary ctable longtable longtablex
-s, --specs=STR
column specs, space separated,
default: L for tabulary, else X, if possible, else l.
-a, --article
create compilable article document.
-r, --rotate
rotate the paper to landscap.
-t, --thinrules
separate rows with thin rules.
-V, --version
print version and exit.
print this help and exit.
-H, --help
show full documentation (use less!) and exit.


odslist lists the contents of an OpenDocument Spreadsheet in one of several formats.


Wybo Dekker


Released under the GNU General Public License